The first Avarca has its origins in the Menorcan countryside. Menorca is a small island in the Spanish Mediterranean, where the land is dry and hard. Given these conditions, the Menorcan villagers needed shoes that were strong and flexible, yet simple in design. They soon found that Avarcas were the ideal shoes for this purpose, as Avarcas kept the villagers’ feet cool and comfortable.


Over time, Menorca’s economy changed. As farm tasks were mechanized, many laborers moved to the island’s towns in search of new trades.[column_split]Bep de Binixems was one of these laborers. He is the grandfather of the third generation of José Riudavets SL, a family business and one of the key names in the history of Menorcan Avarcas. Binixems worked for many years on the farm before leaving the countryside to learn the trade of shoemaking.


Established in the late 1920s, and currently run by the third generation, this family business has always guaranteed authenticity, durability and a proper fit. The authentic Avarcas Riudavets of today still carry many characteristics of those worn yesterday: a classic tire sole, a fine suede inner lining, greased leather and a hidden border stitch.

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